All of our products are manufactured in the United States of America.  Lab Test® Products is committed to excellence, which ensures our provison of the highest quality steam finishing supplies on the market today.


Essential to the proper finishing of garments, our pads are designed to maximize efficiency and flow.  The superior double layer construction provides excellent steam and vacuum passage.

490 Plus Plate

Pressing Machine Head Cover

Blue Slick Pad

Iron Hose Cover

Our Patented Insulating Covers improve the efficiency and safety of pressing machines.  Offered for both dry cleaning and laundry hot head presses.

Our grid plates are designed to effectively apply steam while ensuring a high quality finish on linens, cottons, and more.  With the use of PTFE Nomex material and an added diffuser plate, our grid plates outperform the competition.

All items needed to finish all types of garments.

Lab Test Products, Inc.