Here at Lab Test® we do custom work for all your pressing insulation and finishing needs.  We make insulating covers for the heads and bucks, as well as pressing machine hoses for both dry cleaning and laundry machines.
      Lab Test® Patented Insulating Covers contain the radiant heat normally lost to the environment.  The pressing surface stays hotter resulting in drier steam which translates to better pressing and higher quality.   Containing the heat also reduces the amount of energy spent to operate the pressing machines and reduces the temperature of the work environment.  The decrease of work environment temperatures creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the operator of the machine to work in.
     Lab Test® Patented Insulating Covers provides the benefit of increased safety as covering exposed surfaces on a press machine greatly reduces the possibility of being burned.  In addition, a NASA study found that excessive heat slows down factory workers and increases the likelihood of safety problems, poor morale, absenteeism, and high turnover.  These outcomes can be prevented with Lab Test® Patented Insulating Covers.
      Our covers are made of long lasting, durable, and lightweight material that will not burnout, is easily cleanable, and easy to install.

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