This PTFE coated grid plate is recommended for finishing of linens, cottons, and many other fabrics that require maximum heat for finishing.  There is about a 60 to 80 degree difference in temperature between our 490 Plus ® and Lab Safe Grid Plate.  The Lab Safe Grid Plate has a heavy PTFE baked finish for the best finish possible. 

Lab Test® Grid Plates

This 490 Plus® Nomex cloth covered grid plate is used and recommended as original equipment by leading manufacturers.  The 490 Plus® Nomex cloth is the only cloth in the industry that has PTFE impregnated into the Nomex.  The 490 Plus® cloth provides the highest quality finishing with less shine and less texture marks than other plates on the market. It is the longest lasting, best performing cloth covered plate available at competitive pricing.

   Don't be fooled by plates that look like a 490 Plus®.  There is only one! 

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Lab Test® Lab Safe Grid Plate

Lab Test® 490 Plus® Grid Plate